To-Go Kit Packages

Sample To-Go Kit

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*Online ordering is for To Go Kits only, don't forget to add the To Go Kit Materials Fee before you check out!

Starting at $14 + price of pottery chosen
Includes one medium brush, one detail brush, and paints (see below)
Includes glazing and firing upon delivery of painted pieces

Pottery Pricing and Paint Colors included (per piece)
$10 and under: 3 accent colors
$11-$20: 2 main colors and 1 accent color
$21-$30: 3 main colors and 2 accent colors
$31 and up: 4 main colors and 3 accent colors

Add ons:
Main color - $3
Accent color - $1
Large Brush - $3
Medium Brush - $2
Detail Brush - $2
Small Sponge - $2

All materials are yours to keep, no need to return!